Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial day in McFarland

More as an experiment than anything else I shot this from the hip. Or more accurately from hanging down around the neck where I pointed my D7000 is the general direction of the girls and tapped the shutter while I was walking.  As soon as they passed, Charlotte's mother caught up with me and said quietly, "I hate to think about it, but those two are Charlotte in a couple year.  Cute, popular, and walking around with the latest high tech toys."

Charlotte now.  Her high tech toys are upstairs waiting to be unpacked. She moved into a new home in McFarland this weekend.  So how high tech is this kid? A few years back when she was five and three quarters, she sat me down and told me I needed a new computer with more bandwidth. Her online games were playing 'tooo tooo sloow.'  And if I also tossed in some Barbie dolls, she might let me babysit again.

End result--if she's not hogging the big screen TV downstairs, she is cycling between her Barbie cluttered bed/toy room and this computer.  Kids rule in this house.

Now a pairing of images:

The first one was a for-sure flickr post but I didn't know what to do with the second one.

A few days ago during  Half Price Books  20% off sale I picked up a copy of 'the photograph as contemporary art' , Charlotte Cotton, Thames&Hudson, world of art.  This morning I was reading Chapter 2 "Once upon a time." To quote: "This area of photography practice is often described as tableau or tableau-vivant photography, for pictorial narrative is concentrated into a single image, a stand-alone picture."

This image certainly isn't museum grade art (like some I've seen hanging in museums)  and pairing the two is sort of cheating.  They were, however, taken a few minutes apart.  First the popcorn girl, then across the street to Charlotte and her ice cream, and finally inside to check out the Historical Society's bake sale.  A sequence that was meant to be.

But, given this high tech world, I didn't want to embarrass the overweight girl in the unlikely but not impossible event she saw it.  She might even flickr mail me an enraged complaint.  (Which did happen a few years ago but that is another tale.)

So into the blog it goes.  Where I know she and anybody she knows will never see it.