Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goggle has been having....

Google has been having its problems. When I first tried to set up this blog I needed to sign into an old google account but it wouldn't accept the password I semivaguely remembered using. So I asked for a reset and an email to tell me what to do.

After waiting a couple days no email. But guess what. My semivaguely remembered password now worked. Sweet--the computer gods were smiling and I set up a blog.

But today when I decided to make my first real blog post, the computer gods were growling. No way they would accept my password.

After some thinking and before I did some serious fiddling with my setting, I decided they must have finally reset the password. After all they have had some very well publicized server problems and I expected to find a email on my firewall computer.

Nope. But before I started pulling out my hair trying to find the problem, I made one last attempt to connect. Not only did it work--I am writing this--blogger even used the password I'd saved on this computer.

Semi-sweet. But I think I'll wait a day or two before I tell the flickr world about my new photoblog. There are many blogspots out there and from my somewhat limited online research, some of the ones where you pay few bucks a year have sexy feature sets.

So if any of the select few who know about this stop by to look, be sure to leave a comment. I could use the feedback to be certain everything is working right.

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