Sunday, March 20, 2011

How a crow lands.

Info for a future reincarnation

At 10:28:04 and for several earlier images the camera has locked  in on the houses across the pond and the crow is totally out of focus

At 10:28:06 the crow flies by me. Since I am standing on a bank and bird is now below me it's silhouetted against the ice. The camera locks in on the bird.

At 10:28:06+ the crow spreads its wings and tail feathers for drag to slow down and to raise itself vertical. I am pivoting and it is also turning towards me. I now can take a near face on image.

At10:28:08- the crow has moved beyond the tall reed in the previous image and is on the ground with its tail feathers tucked in but with its wings still spread.

At 10:28:08+ the crow has tucked all its feathers back into place

And at 10:28:14 after another routine landing the crow strolls away.

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