Thursday, May 20, 2010

Been awhile

Been awhile since I posted. Six months plus.

Not that I haven't been taking pictures. In my backup 16, 17 and 18 folders starting on Dec 1st 2009 and ending yesterday I have 18,450 files. Since I shoot both RAW and jpgs and the folders also hold my post processing files that works out to around 8000+ images.

Keep up at this rate and my D60 will be needing a new shutter. Which won't be a total disaster since the salesman talked me into an extended warranty.

Been doing other photography stuff too. Collecting and using manual lenses mainly. Except for my 35mm f1.8 which I use for indoor candid shots my other two autofocus lenses haven't been on the D60 in months. Part of this is the challenge of using all manual lens and part of it is that my other two kit lenses aren't all that sharp.

So I'll be posting more regularly. About lenses. How to use them. And how to test them. Plus my adventures and misadventures as I find them. They made good glass in the old days. They also made their share of stinkers.

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