Sunday, May 23, 2010


I may be able to salvage the Osawa. So far I haven't discovered any missing or broken parts.

After I removed five screws by the mount the back assembly--camera mount, double group of lenses and iris-- pulled out from the barrel. I cleaned off the fungus on the lens surface just under the iris with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Unfortunately more fungus is growing on the underside of that lens. So I'm looking at a total tear down and cleaning.

No problem once I get around to it. This is a learning experience and if I end up with a useful lens so much the better.


Except for two small bubbles in glass of the rear lens the Soligor 80-200mm f4.5 C/D is perfect. It arrived with in clean hard case and with original front and rear caps plus a promaster uv filter. At f 4.5 it's slower than my Kiron f4.0 but it is lighter and balances better on the D60.

It is also a C/D lens. I have no idea what the initials C/D originally stood for but when Vivitar came out with their Series 1 pro lenses Soligor countered with their C/D lenses. Not only were the two distributors in completion, they often sold the same lens.. My Tokina made Soligor 90-230mm is identical to the Vivitar version except for the name and markings.

The Vivitar Series I lenses went off to become expensive cult classics that can go for hundreds on ebay. The just as good Soligor C/D's went off to become---the brag price on my lens is $3.00. I was the only bidder.

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