Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Artist Hidden Within

I'm taking a master class on how to drag the 'artist hidden within' out into the daylight. So for the next several weeks that hidden artist will be raising his sarky head and inflicting his 'masterpieces' upon the innocent blogosphere.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, the non hidden artist's aesthetic tends towards photographic perfection, the sort you pixel peek at 100% or higher to see. Accurate colors, perfect sharpness, noise freedom has reigned here.

The hidden artist, on the other hand, favors this.

The original Playboy style image that posed for the 'artist within' is from a 40 year old Petersen's Master of Contemporary Photography book about Bert Stern.  If the name Bert Stern isn't instantaneously recognizable  he's the photographer whose 1950's ads turned vodka, then a cold war Russian commie pinko exotic, into an all American drink. This really dry vodka martini ad was worth $4000 plus travel expenses in 1955 bucks. If his reputation has slipped a little since then he lived very well in his time.

Enough dry history. Here is the 'hidden artist's' RT workflow.

First select a colorful page or double page image to mangle. Set the camera to manual, to ISO100 or lower, to between 2 to 10 sec exposure and to whatever iris opening gives a reasonable photo. Move camera while snapping the photo. Better yet, twist, roll and yaw the photographer while snapping  the photo. Since you will have no idea what you have on the card, do this a dozen or more times. Load  the most interesting photo into RAWTherapee. Or in this case, one that didn't violate Blogspot's prohibition of full frontal nudity. Finally start the masterpiece making.

This brought out the color in the wide tie, the subject of the photo.

A hue slider adjustment that shifted the colors towards green. The CIECAM02 algorithm is 'all'.

Playing around with the CIECAM02 sliders brought us to this color mixture.

Since the colors aren't changing much 'the artist within'  turned this into a tiff file. Then he loaded that back into RT for further processing.

This lighten the background.

With this 'the artist within' laid down his mouse.  And left it to 'the outer guy' to write this blog post. He liked this version the best.

RAWTherapee is now here. Besides speedups and bug fixes, it offers a new set of packaged profiles and two new demosaicing algorithms intended  for use with HighISO images. (Big Grin)

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