Saturday, October 19, 2013

Creative Distortion with My Lady Clockwork

I found this hanging from the side of a booth at an art fair this summer. An image worth a touch of RawTherapee. After adjustments with CIECAM02, my usual workflow that I have blogged about several times I ended up with a more colorful version of the of the image. It was okay but I felt it need something more. So I went to the prospective correction section and went a bit wild with the sliders

My first attempt created the elliptical gearing fot the right artistic touch but the triangle of grey at the lower corner distracted form the composition.

With different slider adjustments, a rotation and finally a conversion to B&W by bring the CIECAM02 chroma to -100 I ended with this image.

I posted this on flickr 16 hours ago. When it came to filling out the tags and picking the groups I couldn't quite decided how to publish this.  So, for a bit of fun and because My Lady Clockwork is naked in her stain glass beauty, I added the tag nude.

Nude is a popular search tag.  At last count I've picked up 313 'what-in-the-expletive-world-is-this' views with 95% coming from a search for a nude something or other.

And finally since art can never be totally finished I played around after my posting and came up with this which I think is a tighter and slightly better composition

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